About LifePoint Baptist Church in Portage

LifePoint Baptist Church is a faith community of believers, whose sole desire is to help others connect with a real and loving God. We define ourselves as a church body that has a conservative stance on Scripture with a liberally loving spirit. We believe that a church is not a building or a program. The church that Christ died for…is people. LifePoint is made up of REAL Christians who love the opportunity to meet together and encourage one another in fellowship. Our services are intersection points for our people to meet, sing, worship, and hear spirit-filled preaching together. Whether you have been a part of a church your entire life or this is your first visit, LifePoint is the place for you.

Established in 2012, LifePoint Baptist Church has quickly become a pillar outreach to the city of Portage. The Gospel is the preeminent focus of a Christian’s life. We live out this focus through participating in citywide cleanup days, food drives for the local food pantry, visiting shut-ins, and caroling at nursing homes. These are just a few ways that LifePoint is giving back to the community. It is through these community-focused efforts that we are able to bring the Gospel to others. Our heartbeat is people, and our goal is to reach the more than 14,000 homes in Portage with the Gospel. Come see what makes LifePoint so unique!


Our desire is that LifePoint Baptist Church would be a church body that encourages believers to be what God wants us to be. Faith is the change agent that empowers us to become something greater than what we currently are. As individuals and believers, our process of living life is to be one of purpose. We believe that this can be accomplished through actions that center around God. We are convinced that when faith is present in our lives, life will have purpose and we will be continually conformed to the image of Christ.


Strong families are the backbone of LifePoint Baptist Church. We take time on a weekly basis to encourage and teach how to make our families strong. With exciting programs for all ages, LifePoint is a great place for every member of your family to gain wonderful insights in God’s Word.


We take time to fellowship before and after each service. This not only allows our members to gain friendships to last a lifetime, but also allows us to encourage and uplift one another. We also take time in our Wednesday evening service to take individual prayer requests and to pray for one another.

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